Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees

On the coldest weekend of the year we went to the Catalan Pyrenees and did a for hour snowshoeing hike. Despite the bitter cold it was a great fun experience. Continue reading


A hike from the valley of Vall de Núria to the summit of Puigmal (2911m) on the border between Spain and France in the Catalan Pyrenees. Continue reading

Taga Núria — Part III

A 5 hour hike to several peaks along the border between Spain and France, starting and terminating in Vall de Núria — crossing various peaks between Pic de Noufonts and Pic de Núria. Continue reading

Taga Núria — Part I

A 6 hour hike back and forth between the town Ribes de Freser in the Catalan Pyrenees to the summit of Taga (2038m). The track is technically easy but is steep at times. Continue reading

Four Puigmals

A hike up to four peaks called Puigmal in the Pyrenees on the border between Spain and France. The hike started and finished by the French ski resort Puigmal de l’Err. Continue reading

August snowstorm

For our mid August hike to the peak Puigmal in the French Pyrenees we decided to start the hike very early in the morning in order to avoid the hot August sun. In an ironic twist of fate, we had to abandon our plans mid-way due to an unexpected snowstorm. Continue reading